6 Ways to Exfoliate Naturally


2. Sugar

Sugar cleanse the dead skin cells on your skin so that you will have clearer skin. To exfoliate your face using sugar mix one tablespoon of white sugar with one-half cup of lukewarm water.

Next, mix up the mixture and then apply it to your face. Try not to be overly aggressive; take it easy, and rinse your face thoroughly. Suppose your face feels dry rub some sugar into the dry areas to moisturize and tone your skin. If you exfoliate with too much pressure, your skin may end up in worse shape than before. If you exfoliate too much, you risk your face is red from the exfoliation. Too much exfoliation can also cause your face to become dry and flaky.

To exfoliate your face using sugar blot the mixture on your skin with a paper towel, gently patting off the excess sugar and then rinse with warm water. You can also use exfoliating soap which has a glycerin base to exfoliate your skin gently.