10 Surprising Uses for Windex That Go Beyond Cleaning Glass

Vinegar isn’t the only super performer in your kitchen.

Windex — that $3 glass cleaner spray you keep under your sink — can be used to detail the interior of your car, to put the shine back in your jewelry and even to unstick zippers.

Your store shelves probably carry several varieties of Windex, so if you’re cleaning fabric, stick with the clear version, and if you’re using it for a car, use the Windex Ammonia-free Glass Cleaner.

Aside from those suggestions, any of the Windex variations will do the job.

Here are 10 surprisingly effective uses for that familiar blue (or sometimes clear) bottle.

10. Making Jewelry Sparkle

To get rid of everyday grime from a diamond ring, The Knot recommends soaking it for 10 to 15 minutes in a 50-50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and Windex. After it’s soaked, brush gently with a soft toothbrush and then rinse with water.

Windex is safe for gold and silver but could be harmful to soft gemstones because of its ammonia content. That means don’t use it on turquoise, emeralds, opals, coral, pearls or amber.


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