28 Dog Room Ideas You and Your Best Friend Will Love

Add a Collar Display

This mini kennel cabinet dog room from Mel Bean Interiors has navy blue paint, brass hardware, and breathable mesh doors. A countertop display of dog collars keeps them organized and accessible.

Carve Out a Dog Niche

Interior designer Stefani Stein added a corner niche for the family dog to hang out in that doesn’t encroach on the small space.

Make Use of the Under Stairs

This under stair dog crate from Crisp Architects virtually disappears when closed. The space gives dogs a place to get some of their own time to chew on a tennis ball or a bone. It can also be used as an impromptu kennel if you need to keep them contained while you mop the floors

Include Open Storage

This dog room from Martha O’Hara Interiors includes a black-and-white shower and open storage to keep treats and toys visible and accessible.

Build a Dog Spa

Interior designer Laura Hammett designed this sleek modern dog shower and feeding station in a home on the Isle of Man that is decorated in soothing shades of pearl gray and white. The spa is accented with mixed metals, a white orchid, and a stack of fluffy towels.

Use a Kitchen Cabinet

If space is at a premium and your dog is small, consider turning one of your lower cabinets into a mini dog room by adding a perforated door for air circulation, like this eat-in kitchen from Michelle Berwick Design.

Double the Space

A seamless wall of white Shaker cabinetry with silver hardware includes twin sleeping cubbies for a pair of puppies in this dog room from Mel Bean Interiors.

Add Leash Hooks

This spacious mud room for humans and canines alike from Crisp Architects has bench seating and a row of hooks to hang coats and dog leashes.

Install Extra Shelving

Crisp Architects located the dog shower right next to the door, making it easy to clean those puppy paws before letting them roam through the house. A nearby sink with open storage for dog supplies keeps essentials at arm’s length.

Bring in Beadboard

Kate Marker Interiors added beadboard painted in a soothing blue and embellished the dog shower floor with patterned star tile as an extra flourish in this canine-friendly space.

Blend Everything Together

A Beautiful Mess hid a bedroom corner dog kennel with custom DIY cabinetry and decorated the top with a gilded mirror and a collection of plants to help it to blend into the room.

Dedicate an Elevator

While renovating a home for a Los Angeles family with two kids and an aging dog who struggled to go up and down the stairs, Nicole Michael Designs installed a dedicated dog elevator for the Shepherd mix. It’s outfitted with a high-performing wood laminate floor, wood-paneled walls, and canine wallpaper.

Go Industrial Farmhouse

Crisp Architects used a black, white, and red color scheme to give this industrial modern farmhouse style dog room with a fresh and graphic appeal.

Designate a Mud Room

A flower-patterned water bowl and a wood-paneled cubby with a comfy striped bed give this mud room dog room from Martha O’Hara Interiors a cozy feel.

Keep It Open

This built-in food and water dog bowl from Martha O’Hara Interiors is open and accessible but tucked under the sink to keep it out of the way.

Set Up a Dog Door

This clean white tiled dog room shower from Mel Bean Interiors includes a dog door. This way, your pup can come in from the yard without leaving muddy paw prints on the floor before getting cleaned and toweled off in the spacious shower.

Install Build-In’s

Martha O’Hara Interiors added a pull-out feeding station in the corner of this spacious kitchen that gives the dog a place to gobble down his dinner in peace without being tripped over as you rush around cooking. Built-ins provide plenty of space for stocking up on food so you never run out.

Swap It Out

Martha O’Hara Interiors swapped a storage cabinet for an under-desk dog bed cubby on one side of this home office that gives your canine pal a place to hang out while you work.

Use Natural Materials

This neutral-toned dog washing station from Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions is decorated with a small wooden bench to hold shampoo and soap and a woven basket for towel storage.

Plan a Theme

A black-and-white color scheme keeps this dog room from Mel Bean Interiors feeling as polished as the rest of the decor, while canine-themed wallpaper adds a note of whimsy.

Match the Flooring to the Dog

Martha O’Hara Interiors installed wood floors that nearly match the color of the dog’s fur to help a client manage door hair issues in every room of the house.

Look for Empty Spaces

If you live in an NYC apartment, you’re lucky to have a room of your own, let alone a dedicated space for the dog in your life. In this NYC apartment from Travis Londons/Studio London, an animal print dog bed takes pride of place beneath the window next to the couch to give your pet a place to chill while you do.


Add a Nameplate

This open-air house-shaped dog bed from Michelle Boudreau Design is set in a quiet outdoor corner, with open sides, graphic black-and-white bedding, and a nameplate that announces to would-be intruders that it belongs to Mr. Butterscotch.

What Should a Dog Room Have?

There are no set rules when it comes to outfitting a dog room. Having extra space to devote to your pets is a luxury and the way you equip and decorate it depends on the needs of your dog and your own requirements. A dog room can include such features as a feeding station, a dog-sized shower, a dog bed, and storage for food, toys, and the rest of your dog’s stuff.

What Color Is Good for a Dog’s Room?

Some experts suggest that it’s a good idea to choose colors that dogs can see, such as greens, blues, and purples. But many people choose to incorporate special canine-friendly features that blend in with the home’s existing decor.


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