[Naturally] 9 Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Fleas on Dogs

Ugh, fleas. Why? Fleas are a nuisance, both to your dog and to your household. To combat them, you have a choice between commercial chemical products and natural remedies. If you’re dealing with a flea infestation, you should probably turn to the hard stuff. But if you want to prevent fleas from hitching a ride on your pet in the first place, here are some benefits of natural flea treatments for dogs — many of which you can mix up from ingredients you probably already in your kitchen.

What’s the Deal with Fleas?


Regardless of what breed they are or where they live, many dogs are afflicted by fleas. These tiny pests, whose bites provoke an itching sensation, irritate dogs no end, resulting in what seems like nonstop scratching. Scratching is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, though. Dogs who are allergic to flea saliva can develop skin redness, welts and swelling, not to mention skin lesions from constant licking. Flea bites can also cause anemia, and — if fleas are ingested during the dog’s non-stop grooming — tapeworm infestations.

Then there’s the housework. A dog’s constant scratching spreads loose hair and dead skin. Adding to the challenge, fleas lay eggs in inaccessible and difficult-to-clean areas of your home, including along baseboards, under furniture and in cracks in floorboards. Clearly, you need to fight back, both for your pup’s sanity and your own. Here are some home remedies to get rid of those pesky fleas.   



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