08 Curly Haired Dog Breeds


11. Curly coated retriever

11. Curly coated retriever


One look at the Curly-coated retriever confirms the notion that it is a hunting and working dog. They display great determination and are often used by various security forces for rescue or drug sniffing.

Like most retrievers, this is an active dog breed. However they can find moments to relax and enjoy a moment of peace.

One moment they could be outdoors running and having fun and the other indoors relaxing with the family enjoying a nice scratch on the back.

Curly-coated retrievers are athletic, affectionate, and a perfect companion for families.

12. Bouvier Des Flandres

Bouvier Des Flandres


Hailing from Flanders Belgium, the Bouvier is a big and strong dog that’s known for its determination and endless energy.

This is a farm dog right down it’s core. As such, this makes them very good at herding and defending the pack as necessary.

The Bouvier Des Flanders is amazing with family and children, but wary of strangers and other dogs. This breed doesn’t back down from a challenge.

As you might expect, their thick curls require a lot of upkeep, and you’ll be visiting the groomer often.

13. American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel


Another breed which is famous for hunting and retrieving waterfowls, the American Water Spaniel is known for their sharp wit and playfulness.

As you might expect from the name, this dog is a skilled swimmer and retriever. Combined with their energy and intelligence, this breed excels in various dog sports and in playing games outdoors.

Their deep affection and intelligence makes them perfectly suited for family life, as long as you can accommodate their daily exercise needs and occasionally taking them for a swim.

14. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel


Just like the American Water Spaniel, the Irish version is just as fun loving and energetic. One of the primary differences is in their coat, and you’ll find the Irish Spaniel with thicker and lusher curls. That means there are a few more grooming requirements.

In addition to its distinctive look, Water Spaniels are renowned for their fun-loving nature and the ability to entertain. They adapt well to family life and are extremely good with kids.

As the name suggests, the breed originated from Ireland and was used initially to hunt and retrieve. So they’ll need some daily exercise to keep them from getting bored.

15. Labradoodle

Golden color Labradoodle Dog


A famous crossbreed, the Labradoodle is the best of the both worlds. You get the intelligence and trainability of the Poodle, but the lovable and playful temperament of a Labrador.

This breed is also famous for being super affectionate and intelligent; this makes training them very easy. They’re great with families, kids, and other dogs.

Their energy is off the charts, so daily strenuous exercise is an absolute must. These dogs thrive on routine, so setting a specific time everyday for walks will keep them calm for the other parts of the day.

16. Portuguese Waterdog

Black colored Portuguese Waterdog


Like many other dog breeds, the Portuguese Waterdog had the job of accompanying Portuguese fishers on fishing trips. As the name suggests, these dogs were born for the water, and love having a job.

Today these dogs are amazing companions and have gained some popularity as a family dogs.

Their energy is off the charts, so you’ll be required to run this dog (or go for a swim) on a daily basis. However, they’re eager to please and are incredibly intelligent.

17. Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dog


The Spanish Water dog is a medium sized working breed that is committed to their ‘job’ and to being your loyal companion. They’re eager to please and highly intelligent, which makes training an absolute joy. But they really excel when given work and a routine.

They still have strong herding and watchdog instincts. Early socialization will ensure they’re less shy or aggressive.

These dogs make fantastic companions. However, they have an exceptional amount of energy that must be met. Daily runs and mental stimulation are essential. And as the name suggests; going for a swim is at the top of the list of favorite-things-to-do.

18. Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle standing out in a field


Elegant, athletic, hardy, and clever. These are a few of the Standard Poodle’s best qualities. And, you’ve probably already heard, they are at the top of their class with incredible intelligence.

Training a Poodle is an absolute joy, they are receptive and keen to please their owners, which is why they excel at agility and obedience courses.

Despite looking a little “dainty”, these are hearty animals that love a little rough play and long runs. With their intelligence and energy combined, they can become bored and resort to finding trouble as an outlet. So, a daily routine of exercise and mental stimulation is what will keep your Poodle out of trouble.

The poodle does have some demanding grooming needs. However, you can find relief in knowing these are a hypoallergenic and non shedding dog breed.


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