Poodle Haircuts & Styles – Expert Groomer Explains

Poodle’s have some unmistakably unique grooming styles. Their curly coat and malleable texture is like a groomers personal playground. But achieving these results is still a challenge.

Katlin Primrose, a professional groomer, tells us about all the various Poodle haircut styles and trims out there.

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3 different poodle haircuts on display

What’s With The Weird Hairstyles?

If you haven’t been involved in dog show competitions you may find ‘show poodle’ grooms to be a little exotic for your taste.

Despite the strangeness of it all – there is some reasoning behind the oddly shaped dogs. Show dog styles are based on an evolution of the rules from AKC and CKC show standards, which were developed to maximize the Poodle’s performance as water retrieving dogs.

The general ideas is that Poodles are a working breed, and some of these coat styles are meant to improve mobility while keeping parts of their body warm and protected.

Styles outside competitions are based on your personal taste or everyday practicality.

Whether you have a miniature, toy, or standard Poodle – we’ll lay down the methods and practicality behind each groom.

Exotic Grooms

Even more extreme are the fun Mastergroom Competitions, where groomers are challenged to come up with the most exotic or extreme styles (ever see that poodle trimmed and colored to look like a Zebra?)

We won’t be covering those styles here, but there are some pretty wild creations out there.

1. The Kennel Cut / Sporting Trim



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