10 Of The World’s Smallest Dog Breeds That Are Bound To Steal Your Heart


10. Yorkshire Terrier


The Breed Stats: Yorkshire Terriers are 6-9 inches tall and weigh 3 to 7 pounds.

Yorkshire Terriers, commonly called Yorkies, were bred for the purpose of hunting yet they have become one of the most popular companions in the United States. Yorkies are very caring towards their families and can perform watchdog tasks if properly trained. These little pups are overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. They are always happy about taking long walks.

11. Toy Fox Terrier


The Breed Stats: Toy Fox Terriers are 8.5-11 inches tall and weigh 3.5 to 9 pounds.

Both toy and terrier traits influence their characters. As a toy, they are quiet and love to be held. As a terrier, they are alert, proud, and spunky. Other than that, With his keen eyesight and acute hearing, the Toy Fox Terrier is quick to announce strangers with their sharp, suspicious bark. You’ll never have to worry about thieves around the house with a dog like this in your life.



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