28 Dog Room Ideas You and Your Best Friend Will Love

Having extra space to dedicate to your pets is the ultimate first-world luxury. Dog rooms vary in size and layout depending on the needs of individual dogs and the preferences and budgets of their owners. A dog room can include such features as a feeding station, dog-sized shower, dog bed, latched kennel, and storage for food, toys, and the rest of your dog’s stuff.

Depending on your budget, a dog room can be as minimal as a pull-out feeding station in the corner of a mudroom or as elaborate as a dedicated room with a canine-friendly shower that rivals the local doggy spa.

Check out these cute, functional dog rooms that will keep you and your best friend looking and feeling good.

Blend It in

dog room ideas

Dina Bandman Interiors added a compact dog shower in the very center of this spacious laundry room. It’s lined in a navy blue subway tile with white grout that perfectly blends into the blue-and-white decor scheme of the room.



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