10 Non-Shedding Dog Breeds (Ranking the Dogs That Don’t Shed)




10 Non-Shedding Dog Breeds: Ranked in Order

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Toy Poodle


1. Toy Poodle

At the top of our list of low shedding dogs is everyone’s favorite loving, playful rascal.

Not just at the top of this list, Toy Poodles are also lauded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there.

Very prone to training, very “talkative,” and very loyal, these non-shedding dog breeds are prime “best friend” material. And yes – you can forget about the shedding.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Affenpinscher


2. Affenpinscher

This German terrier breed (“pinscher” means terrier in German) is another bundle of cuteness.

Originally bred as rat hunters, these dogs retain their hunting instincts which makes them great guard dogs.

However, they are also brilliant, playful and loving, and make amazing apartment pets.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Miniature Schnauzer


3. Miniature Schnauzer

Schnauzers are rightfully famous for their big hearts and seemingly unending energy.

And they are much more, too – a Schnauzer loves to be the center of attention, but these non-shedding dog breeds are also exceptionally intelligent, so they fill that center easily.

A Schnauzer lives to please and needs a ton of mental and physical stimulation – don’t let them get bored.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Saluki


4. Saluki

Saluki dogs are both one of the oldest dog breeds known to man – approximately 6000 years old – and are also the fastest dogs globally, surpassing other sighthounds like Greyhounds.

These non-shedding dog breeds are very calm and gentle.

They are brilliant and quite elegant as well – they require a lot of soft surfaces and comfort, but to repay you for that, they won’t shed on said surfaces.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Irish Terrier


5. Irish Terrier

Another iconic breed, Irish Terriers, makes for the best guard dogs and an ideal choice for dogs that shed the least.

More than that, Irish Terriers are also excellent athletes and make for both a great competition dog as well as a great sports buddy.

As fearless as they are when they guard your home, they’ll have nothing but love in their big hearts towards you.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Maltese


6. Maltese

The definition of “cuteness” a Maltese will love and crave your company and presence more than any other animal or person in the world.

He’ll reward your company with an endless supply of love and affection, but he’s more than just a cuddle-buddy, too – these non-shedding dog breeds are famously intelligent and love games and tricks.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Kerry Blue Terrier


7. Kerry Blue Terrier

Yet another Terrier, the Kerry Blue, is a working dog bred primarily for herding and guarding.

As such, they are not just great guard dogs for your home but also a knowledgeable and friendly companion.

All that, coupled with their distinctive, beautiful look, makes them a great pet for many people.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Shih Tzu


8. Shih Tzu

A literally created dog to be your best friend, the Shih Tzu, will always be by your side and will always try to make you smile.

Gorgeous and cute, as they are intelligent and funny, these non-shedding dog breeds make for amazing pets.

It’s no surprise why they are among the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Standard Poodle


9. Standard Poodle

Another classical breed, the Standard Poodle, is known for its quick feet and quick mind.

An intelligent athlete, the Poodle makes for an amazing play partner – they love to run, to play, and to learn tricks, and they’ll do all that without shedding almost any hair in your home.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Scottish Terrier


10. Scottish Terrier

At the almost opposite spectrum of Poodles, Scottish Terriers are not the best athletes.

They are also not just intelligent but wickedly intelligent to the point that they really dislike training.

A Scottish Terrier does what it wants, but fortunately, one of the key things it wants is to be by your side and make you happy.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds - Australian Silky Terrier





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