22 Surprising Things Banana Peels Can Do For You

11. Making A Handheld Dessert

Why not make your kids a simple and tasty campfire decadence with banana peels? With the peel on, partially slice a banana lengthwise. Stick some chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts inside, and wrap the entire banana in tin foil, then hold it over an open flame for about five to eight minutes. Now you get a warm and melted grilled banana boat!

12. Banishing Garden Bugs

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Aphids are very common as well as annoying bugs that can move into your garden without invitation. Here we recommend you a good way to get rid of them without the need for inhumane methods or toxic chemicals. Just place some banana peels into a few 1-inch holes near the base of your aphid-infested plants, and the little guys will be turned off by all the potassium.

13. Nourishing Your Flower Bed

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Although garden bugs hate banana peels, the flowers in your garden won’t say no to them. Banana peels are rich in nourishing vitamins and minerals – including calcium, sulfur, magnesium, and trace elements – that naturally fertilize and revitalize the flowers. Bury some banana peels around the base of your rose bushes, and wait to watch your gorgeous flowers thrive.

14. Improving Your Mood

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Could you believe that the banana peel can even stabilize and improve your mood? If you’re upset for some reason, boil a peel in water then drink it, you’ll probably feel better sooner after. It’s because the dopamine and serotonin inside the banana peel have a mood-boosting effect on your brain. Never underestimate the banana peel!

15. Ripening Green Fruits

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Banana is one of the best green fruit ripening aids, for it can release ethylene gas, which is essential for speeding up fruit-ripening. Considering that the ethylene gas was mainly produced by the banana peel, keep the leftover peels together with other green fruits for hours after eating up a banana, then, wait to see the effects of the acceleration.

16. Polishing Silverware

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Getting rid of the rust on silverware bothers a lot of people. Well, it may surprise you that the banana peel can help with it too. Put some banana peels and water together into a blender to make a paste. Scrub your silverware with a toothbrush or a cloth softly, then use another cloth to wipe dry. Your silver will shine again afterward!

17. Using In Cooking Recipes

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Though banana peels are not edible, it can still be used to add some healthy and yummy goodness to your cooking recipes! Stuff a banana peel with some seasoned rice, tying it up with twine, then cooking it in a steamer. About 30 minutes later, you’ll get a delicious and delicately flavored meal.

18. Healing A Bruise

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According to the experts, securing a fresh banana peel with the white side against a bruise can accelerate the healing process. It’s because of the anti-inflammatory powers of the polysaccharide compound within the peel. Tape a banana peel over your bruise and leave it there for at least 20 minutes for the best results.

19. Healing Those Hemorrhoids

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Having hemorrhoids is kind of embarrassing, and can also be quite painful. Whirl up a paste in your blender using some banana peels and about one teaspoon of witch hazel. Then soak a clean gauze strip in the mixture and apply it to the affected area for about half an hour. The natural astringent components of the peel and witch hazel can help clean the area, reduce swelling, and relieve pain.

20. Cleaning Up Ink Stains On The Skin

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Every lefty knows the pain of ink stains on the skin. Whether it is that pen bursts or you simply get ink all over your fingers, just rub the inside of a banana peel against your skin. The oils from the peel will bind with the pigments within the ink, making it easier to be removed and washed off.

21. Rid Kitchen Of Annoying Flies

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Everyone hates flies, especially when they are hanging around in your kitchen and picking a place to settle down on your favorite food. Why don’t you try to build a trapper with banana peels by yourself? Get a big jar with a lid and poke a few holes in the top. Then put your banana peels inside and get the lid back on. Place the trap in your kitchen, and the flies will be attracted and go through into the jar without a road back.

22. Restoring A Scratched CD Or DVD

22 Surprising Things Banana Peels Can Do For You_59
There is nothing more annoying than a scratched and skipping video game, album, or movie, for those who still use CD players and DVD drives. Rub the underside of a disc with the white side of the banana peel in a gentle circular motion, and remove the residue with a clean and soft cloth. After cleaning and buffing the CD with a glass cleaner, you will find that the natural waxiness of the peel already helps fill in any scratches that were causing the unpleasant skips and pauses.


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