14 smartest dog breeds

Long-haired Collie

All Collies are inherently clever, although there are some exceptions that rise above the rest. The long-haired Collie is such an exception. It was bred for herding, and its responsivity makes it perfect for this task. Long-haired Collies are very smart, respond well to instructions, and enjoy

While they seem rather underwhelming, Welsh Corgis have been bred for herding. Their size works in their favor as they are able to move much more quickly and are more agile than the larger breeds, which allows them to do their job efficiently and quickly. Welsh Corgis are a cross breed of an original Welsh Corgi and a Swedish Vallhund, which explains their high intelligence and considerable intuition. Smart and loyal, Welsh Corgi make for perfect companions.

Shetland Sheep Dog

Shetland Sheep Dogs are rather unassuming, but they are rather strong and quick. Built from wiry muscle, this dog breed is very agile, very intelligent, and very loyal. Shetland Sheep Dogs are known for being very calm, as well, and for being very responsive.

English Cocker Spaniel

Originating from England, this Cocker Spaniel breed is one of the most ancient and prestigious dog breeds. They date back to the 15th century, and have been bred, trained and raised for hunting, but that does not make them bad domestic pets. Their intelligence is nothing to scoff at, and they are very commonly seen in dog contests.

  • Gordon Setter

This Anglo-Scottish breed is a royal breed that takes its name from an actual Duke. Like many English breeds, Gordon Setters have been bred for hunting, which makes it obvious that they are rather advanced in terms of intelligence. They are also extremely loyal and loving.

  • Welsh Terrier

As their name say, Welsh Terriers originate from Wales, in which they were bred to hunt foxes and rodents. Welsh Terriers are rather intelligent, with a keen nose and a strong intuition, which allowed them to hunt the wily foxes easily. They are hard to train, but, once they are, they are very friendly and amazing companions.

  • Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dogs have been bred for herding. The herding group of breeds is known for containing the smartest dog breeds, and the Australian Cattle Dogs are no exception. They are known for their intelligence, responsivity, ease of communication, and loyalty.

  • Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren, or Terms for short, are notorious for being independent and rather considerable intelligence. They must be trained extremely well, or else their intelligence will backfire on them and end up with them hurt. They enjoy playing so turning their job into games will help them enjoy their work and employ their agility, tracking, obedience and speed rather efficiently.

  • Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are quite strong and well-suited for herding cattle. They are also very sensitive and can refuse any harsh orders or any change in their training. They are very active dogs that need to exercise very often, or else they risk going a little stir-crazy.

Each and every single breed here is notable for its considerable intelligence. However, this is not an extensive list, and honorary mentions are in order:

Bloodhounds, papillon, Domerman Pinscher, Rottweiler Labrador, Retriever Pembroke, Welsh Corgi Alaskan Husky, Australian Kelpie, German Shepherd, and the Barbet Dog are all rather intelligent dogs, and make for excellent companions and friends.


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